Roof Type: Flat roof

The need for renovation

Our annual researched-based report, Healthy Homes Barometer 2022 shows that reducing indoor climate risks, such as exposure to damp and mould and rectifying the lack of daylight in residential buildings through proper renovation can bring many benefits, such as: energy savings, improved health or climate protection.

Why sustainable living?

Because we only have one home and we need to protect it. In other words, it’s our nature! When manufacturing our roof windows we also have in mind creating a long product life for a better and healthier indoor space. VELUX roof windows are built to last and easy to maintain, upgrade and repair.

Sustainability is about responsibility

We are currently working on becoming Lifetime Carbon Neutral by capturing our historical C02 emissions – the equivalent of the VELUX Group’s total organisational carbon footprint over our 100-year lifetime – through forest conservation.  We will also reduce our future carbon emissions from our entire value chain. Our aim? To secure a responsible business.

Your new kitchen

For a bright kitchen, or any other room, with a roof pitch from 0 to 15°, VELUX flat roof windows are the perfect choice. Among the benefits: the glass-to-edge curved or flat glass top unit, the unique window construction, the two versions with double or triple glazing for excellent energy performance.

Botom-operated roof window

When the height of the knee-wall is between 130 and 150 cm, it is recommended a bottom-operated roof window. Choosing this type of roof window allows you to close or open it easily, using the elegant handle at the bottom. Roller blinds and shutters can be operated using a remote control.

Getting in love with your new kitchen

For a bright kitchen, or any other room, with a roof pitch from 0 to 15°, VELUX flat roof windows are the perfect choice. Among the benefits we should mention: the glass-to-edge curved glass top unit, the unique window construction with a slim frame and invisible sash, the two versions with double or triple glazing for excellent energy performance and sound reduction.

Corridors deserve daylight

You can bring daylight everywhere in your home, even in a dark corridor. Designed to cover all needs, the flat roof windows, for  0 – 15° roof pitches, are the ideal products for you.  And they simply work like two peas in a pod with the blinds discreetly placed in the base-unit construction.

What is the ventilation flap?

Daylight is essential, as well as fresh air.  One of the unique features of VELUX roof windows is the ventilation flap. This allows you to let fresh air in even if you are not home and the window is closed.

A timeless look

If you are looking for a timeless look for your bathroom and kitchen, the venetian blinds give you full control of daylight, whether you want to reduce it or change its direction. They are made of moisture-resistant aluminium slats and have a unique design that eliminates unsightly hanging cords. You just  have to tilt the […]