Roof Type: Sloped roof

Sweet dreams

For a better balance between daylight and darkness, we encourage you to improve your home’s indoor climate by choosing blinds and shutters for roof windows. Daylight and darkness adjust the body’s internal clock via the hormones cortisol and melatonin – providing the basis for comfortable sleep and productive waking hours.

Help your children focus

Daylight has both physical and psychological benefits on children. It stimulates brain and helps them to produce vitamine D, which is essential in bone development. Daylight also increases their learning abilities by up to 15%. It helps them concentrate better, be more productive and happier.

Daylight brings health

Quality roof windows represent a long-term investment in your home. Why? Because they can deliver twice as much daylight into your home than vertical windows. And plenty of daylight can give the feeling of more space and make your home seem bigger, warmer and cozier.

Reduce artificial lighting

You can reduce artificial lighting  by increasing natural light in your home. Here is a simple idea: place one or more roof windows above the kitchen table or dining area, so that you can reduce the need for electrical lighting. That is good for the environment, and also can save you money

Save money

Thanks to their high standard energy-efficient panes, our roof windows contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in your home and, therefore, help you save money with the bills. The latest generation roof windows can help you save approx. 40% of the energy required for heating a house.


Over 92,5% of our wooden windows can be recycled. Which decisively sets the development direction of the profile industry. We design our products so they can easily be disassembled and reused or recycled when they reach the end of their lifetime.

Window combinations as you like

Whatever it takes, bring in more light! You can think about the new VELUX solution as one product with all-in-one high quality installation package with improved insulation and easier installation. With the side by side solution you can achieve increased daylight and view, an attractive interior and higher living comfort.

Top-operated roof window

When the height of the knee-wall is between 80 and 130 cm, it is recommended a top-operated roof window. Using the top control bar, you can close or open it very easily and you can manually operate the roller blinds. This allows you to place furniture beneath and still enjoy the view.


Did you know that this innovative insulation system called ThermoTechnology® turns the roof window into a strong shield against wind and harsh weather conditions, keeping the heat inside? This system is intendent to provide any roof window outstanding energy performance and to bring you lower heating bills.

Anything but ordinary

Control the incoming light in your bedroom or block it out for a good night sleep with VELUX DUO roller blind. This is the perfect accessory for your roof window – a two-in-one blind, ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. You can freely choose from a variety of trendy and classic colours.

Corridors deserve daylight

You can bring daylight everywhere in your home, even in a dark corridor. Designed to cover all needs, the flat roof windows, for  0 – 15° roof pitches, are the ideal products for you.  And they simply work like two peas in a pod with the blinds discreetly placed in the base-unit construction.

Thinking about new roof windows?

Replacement of old roof windows will bring you lots of benefits.  Such as: better thermal comfort in the attic, savings of energy required for heating, overcoming water leakage, no more maintenance concerns, preparation for a smart home, better and constant ventilation.

About installation …

Durability and indoor comfort: instalation products are meant to guarantee a long-lasting performance of your VELUX roof windows.  Insulation collar, underfoot collar and the vapour barrier make it easy to install the roof windows, while providing watertight and weather-proof seal between the window and the roof.

Offer the best to your kids

We know you want to set up for your kids the most creative playground and the best place for learning.  And when it comes to performance and productivity, daylight is hugely important for them.  So, by using the right roof windows and even double their number, you allow natural light into their room, while increasing […]

Proper interior lining

Professional installation of your roof windows includes an interior lining, so that you can have a nice finish around the window. Our prefabricated lining are made in water- and moisture-repellent materials with a white finished surface treatment. The unique design creates space for extra insulation material to prevent thermal bridges.

Easy maintenance

Yes, that’s correct – is easy and safe cleaning the outer pane from the inside.  You just have to rotate the roof window 180° and secured in place with built-in barrel bolt for cleaning. This safety feature allows you to have both hands free. Use water and a soft cloth, to clean the pane. You […]

Proper orientation of your VELUX roof window

You have an attic and want the maximum daylight exposure you can get. First of all, you should know that your VELUX roof windows should take up an area equal to 15-20% of the room’s floor space. The placement of your roof windows is equally important. East-facing roof windows will provide bright light in the morning, while west-facing ones will reward you with […]

Natural ventilation is on

Do you know what is one of the key benefits of roof windows? Besides bringing daylight in your attic, they provide the ventilation needed for a healthy indoor climate.  Open your roof windows at least several minutes, three or four times a day so that still air in your home can be replaced with fresh […]

Cool down during the summer!

The dog days of summer are here and you just want to keep your attic cool and comfortable while preserving the view and letting the warm light in.  Our awning blinds are designed to reduce passive heating by stopping strong sunlight and heat before it hits the pane on your roof window. This is how […]

Keep it in control!

With VELUX roller shutter you have total protection against weather, all year round.  It prevents overheating during summer and reduces heat loss in winter.  At the same time, it offers you the possibility of total light control at any time of the day. Of course, in order to adjust and soften incoming daylight, you can easily combine it with any of our […]

Interior and exterior – both matter-

Are you looking for best interior comfort on a good price? Solution is right here!  Blinds combi packages help you control the amount of daylight and protect your home from excessive heat.  Yes, interior and exterior both matter! Find them in different combinations to best suit your needs and take advantage of our discounts!