Room Type: Bedroom

Daylight brings health

Quality roof windows represent a long-term investment in your home. Why? Because they can deliver twice as much daylight into your home than vertical windows. And plenty of daylight can give the feeling of more space and make your home seem bigger, warmer and cozier.

Why sustainable living?

Because we only have one home and we need to protect it. In other words, it’s our nature! When manufacturing our roof windows we also have in mind creating a long product life for a better and healthier indoor space. VELUX roof windows are built to last and easy to maintain, upgrade and repair.


Did you know that this innovative insulation system called ThermoTechnology® turns the roof window into a strong shield against wind and harsh weather conditions, keeping the heat inside? This system is intendent to provide any roof window outstanding energy performance and to bring you lower heating bills.

Anything but ordinary

Control the incoming light in your bedroom or block it out for a good night sleep with VELUX DUO roller blind. This is the perfect accessory for your roof window – a two-in-one blind, ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. You can freely choose from a variety of trendy and classic colours.

Proper orientation of your VELUX roof window

You have an attic and want the maximum daylight exposure you can get. First of all, you should know that your VELUX roof windows should take up an area equal to 15-20% of the room’s floor space. The placement of your roof windows is equally important. East-facing roof windows will provide bright light in the morning, while west-facing ones will reward you with […]

Interior and exterior – both matter-

Are you looking for best interior comfort on a good price? Solution is right here!  Blinds combi packages help you control the amount of daylight and protect your home from excessive heat.  Yes, interior and exterior both matter! Find them in different combinations to best suit your needs and take advantage of our discounts!