Room Type: Kitchen/Dining room

Reduce artificial lighting

You can reduce artificial lighting  by increasing natural light in your home. Here is a simple idea: place one or more roof windows above the kitchen table or dining area, so that you can reduce the need for electrical lighting. That is good for the environment, and also can save you money

Your new kitchen

For a bright kitchen, or any other room, with a roof pitch from 0 to 15°, VELUX flat roof windows are the perfect choice. Among the benefits: the glass-to-edge curved or flat glass top unit, the unique window construction, the two versions with double or triple glazing for excellent energy performance.

Botom-operated roof window

When the height of the knee-wall is between 130 and 150 cm, it is recommended a bottom-operated roof window. Choosing this type of roof window allows you to close or open it easily, using the elegant handle at the bottom. Roller blinds and shutters can be operated using a remote control.

Getting in love with your new kitchen

For a bright kitchen, or any other room, with a roof pitch from 0 to 15°, VELUX flat roof windows are the perfect choice. Among the benefits we should mention: the glass-to-edge curved glass top unit, the unique window construction with a slim frame and invisible sash, the two versions with double or triple glazing for excellent energy performance and sound reduction.

What is the ventilation flap?

Daylight is essential, as well as fresh air.  One of the unique features of VELUX roof windows is the ventilation flap. This allows you to let fresh air in even if you are not home and the window is closed.

A timeless look

If you are looking for a timeless look for your bathroom and kitchen, the venetian blinds give you full control of daylight, whether you want to reduce it or change its direction. They are made of moisture-resistant aluminium slats and have a unique design that eliminates unsightly hanging cords. You just  have to tilt the […]

Keep out the mosquitos

Come rain or shine, keep the bugs out, while still enjoying the views and the fresh air. VELUX insect screen will offer you 100% protection against insects. Besides its main benefit, you must also know that the insect screen is mounted on the lining or on the wall, so you can keep operating your roof […]