Room Type: Living room

Save money

Thanks to their high standard energy-efficient panes, our roof windows contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in your home and, therefore, help you save money with the bills. The latest generation roof windows can help you save approx. 40% of the energy required for heating a house.

Sustainability is about responsibility

We are currently working on becoming Lifetime Carbon Neutral by capturing our historical C02 emissions – the equivalent of the VELUX Group’s total organisational carbon footprint over our 100-year lifetime – through forest conservation.  We will also reduce our future carbon emissions from our entire value chain. Our aim? To secure a responsible business.

Window combinations as you like

Whatever it takes, bring in more light! You can think about the new VELUX solution as one product with all-in-one high quality installation package with improved insulation and easier installation. With the side by side solution you can achieve increased daylight and view, an attractive interior and higher living comfort.

Proper interior lining

Professional installation of your roof windows includes an interior lining, so that you can have a nice finish around the window. Our prefabricated lining are made in water- and moisture-repellent materials with a white finished surface treatment. The unique design creates space for extra insulation material to prevent thermal bridges.

Natural ventilation is on

Do you know what is one of the key benefits of roof windows? Besides bringing daylight in your attic, they provide the ventilation needed for a healthy indoor climate.  Open your roof windows at least several minutes, three or four times a day so that still air in your home can be replaced with fresh […]

Keep it in control!

With VELUX roller shutter you have total protection against weather, all year round.  It prevents overheating during summer and reduces heat loss in winter.  At the same time, it offers you the possibility of total light control at any time of the day. Of course, in order to adjust and soften incoming daylight, you can easily combine it with any of our […]

Colour by you!

Let your attic be a celebration of colours!  Customise your VELUX blinds to match your room, style and personal taste! You can now choose from 1800 of colours for your translucent roller blinds, blackout roller blinds and duo blackout roller blinds.  You only have to decide on the colour for the roller blind, we will custom made it for you […]